Reincarnation Is Very Real And lots of Have Memory From it

The declare that reincarnation can be a myth is wrong. With clear memory of my passage from life to life as well as the knowledge brought with me, such as a different language to my parents, the knowledge can be as fresh today as when it happened. Suddenly my being was floating above my body, that of a man close to 45 years who was slumped over the seat of a cart using a horse standing in the stocks. There is an urgency that something would certainly be accomplished as with the next instant darkness surrounded me.

I quickly is at the spirit and with the Great Spirit from the Universe, the sole God. A vision showed my entire life ahead as a line slow in front of me that pitched up and down to demonstrate the ups and downs. Within the next instant I was floating above my new parents since they were married. The date established fact and my birth happened a month later.

Now my body are a female. That alone proves reincarnation as numerous children feel, while i did, that they are in the wrong body. The amount of transgender cases is growing for that reason. Individuals who were one sex then another through reincarnation could also account for the number of homosexuals that seem to be growing considerably.

You can also find children who, much like me, provide an above average intelligence and produce the title 'gifted'. They excel well beyond their peers and are usually the subject of curiosity. In today's world individuals are speaking up regarding their reincarnations and religions try desperately to silence them.

The reality is that heaven and hell are myths plus they are what religious organisations rely on for their wealth and numbers within their congregations. Without heaven there aren't any such beings as Jesus. Without hell there isn't any threat to keep them lined up. It is exactly what they fear probably the most and thus reincarnation was outlawed by the Roman Catholic Church inside the 5th CAD.